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High Speed Pointer Machines

Since their introduction, Model 15 High-Speed Pointers have machined hundreds of millions of parts worldwide. A truly revolutionary machine, our High Speed Pointers operate in many of the world’s largest fastener plants. With the capacity to produce both large and small parts at high speed, our pointer has typically replaced several of our competitor’s machines.

A robust, simple design assures reliability. The high powered, high speed cutting process eliminates the need for coolants. Heat is carried away with the cutting chip. A unique chip evacuation system ensures complete separation of chips and parts. The result is a clean environment and user friendly machine. If you’re looking for the best solution to the increased demand for pointed fasteners, give us a call. Informational DVD provided upon request.


  • From M4 to M24 diameter
  • From 10mm to 250mm
  • Speeds up to 300pcs/min
  • Spindle speed range from 420-6800 RPM


  • PLC Control
  • Heavy duty 7-1/2 hp variable speed spindlemotor with inverter
  • Variable speed cutting feed rate
  • Heavy duty cutting head incorporates carbide index ableinsert cutter holders, using standard off the shelf insertslength adjustments
  • Unique chip evacuation system assures complete separation of chips and parts
  • Fully adjustable, hardened feed rails
  • Air filtration, oiler and regulator standard
  • Low pressure shutoff
  • No cams, gears or chains assures simplicity and reliability
  • High-speed, high powered cutting process eliminates the need for coolants. Parts remain cool, heat goes away with the chips.
  • Heat Sensor


  • 220 or 440 3 phase VAC. At 21 or 10.5 amps
  • 70 psi constant air pressure


  • Features48” x 72” x 72”
  • Approximate weight 2000 lbs